OCHEd is a friendly, dedicated and diverse group of christian homeschool families located in the vicinity of Orlando, Florida.

Welcome to our public website. As you can see, there's not much here! But have no fear, there's an active group of homeschool families in OCHEd. However, we conduct our daily business at a private website. Please see the rest of this site for more brief information about OCHEd and about how to join our group.  After becoming a member you will have access to our full calendar of events, messages and mailing list.


Thanks for your interest in our group.  We look forward to meeting your family! The members of OCHEd salute you for being a home educator.


Our mission is to help support/supplement your educational needs for your children.  We enjoy time to review and relate to one another as homeschool families.


Classes that are offered are proposed and selected around February-March of the previous school year.  You must contact us to get a copy of the schedule for the current year.