Classes are taught by participating parents which have a great perspective of their homeschool experiences and bring their learning to their classrooms.  Each class is designed to incorporate Christian values and learning within the curriculum.  We invite open discussions within the kids and allow/invite them to teach classes as part of their growth.

We have a changing curriculum each year.  Please contact us to determine if your needs will be met by the classes that we offer.  Classes begin with a prayer each morning, thanking our Lord for the great group and set of parents that are willing to put the time and effort into their education.


Here are some Examples of Classes that have been taught:



  • General Science

  • Phonics

  • World History

  • Art

  • PE

Middle School/High School:

  • General Science

  • Bible

  • Journalism

  • Coding/Gaming

  • Geometry

  • Chemistry

  • Algebra

  • Theater

  • Musical Theater

  • Speech and Debate

We use curriculums like Apologia, Beautiful Feet, Phonics Road to Reading/Spelling, Story of the World, Manga Art, Clearwater Press amongst many more.